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Gladman Developments Limited have submitted an outline planning application for their scheme to construct up to 65 dwellings at land to the east of Church Street, Tarvin. To view the application, navigate to the CWaC planning website here and enter the reference 16/05568/OUT. The scheme lies outside the Tarvin settlement boundary proposed by the CWaC Local Plan which is currently in development.

The proposed settlement boundary, together with consideration of the Gladman proposals, was discussed at the meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 23rd January.

At the meeting, the Council agreed to object to the proposal for the following reasons:

o the Local Plan minimum target for new houses for the period 2010 to 2030 has already been met and there are further small-scale infill type proposals in the pipeline. In the near future this will mean the minimum target for Tarvin Parish will be exceeded.
o the capacity of the local infrastructure, e.g. drainage, sewage pipe system, highways, car parking, and health is inadequate now and the proposal will not address these issues.
o loss of good, productive farmland.
o some loss of rural views from Tarvin towards Kelsall Hill and from Oscroft towards Tarvin village.
o a sensitive site close to the conservation area and the listed buildings within it.
o the proposed site would create an isolated finger of developed land which would encourage development either side as infill. Indeed it will lead to the natural development of the whole of Church Farm.
o proposal is contrary to the emerging policies of the Neighbourhood Plan
o CWaC has identified 7+ years of future housing land so at the moment a site in Tarvin is not needed.
o that the proposal is not in accordance with Guidelines 6 and 16 of the Village Design Statement.

Should the proposal nevertheless be approved, Council would wish to see the following conditions applied:

o design needs to be sensitive in keeping with the location so close to a Conservation area and therefore should complement the setting.
o layout of the housing should aim to minimise the loss of important views from Tarporley Road towards Kelsall and from Oscroft towards Tarvin.
o houses should not be greater than 2 stories high.
o the affordable housing should be the type needed by the community i.e. shared ownership and rented using an established Housing Association.
o any important trees or other environmental assets to be protected.
o recreation facilities to be properly managed on behalf of the whole community by the Parish Council.
o a comprehensive and objective assessment of the current infrastructure to be published alongside the plan for full implementation of the proposals necessary to overcome the problems identified.

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