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Cheshire West and Chester Local Plan (Part 2)

Cheshire West and Chester Council ('CWaC') issued a consultation document (see right) in August to help shape future land allocation policies and other matters. The document invites responses from local parish councils, residents and other interested stakeholders with a deadline for submissions set as Friday 23rd September.

A key consultative item is the matter of Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showpersons' accommodation. CWaC are legally obliged to identify and develop suitable sites for such accommodation and have employed a firm of consultants to prepare a short list of potential sites for further, more detailed consideration.

Two of the short-listed sites are within Tarvin parish. One is on land owned by Church Farm, accessed off Cross Lanes on the way to Oscroft. This site has been designated 'Red', which is defined as 'insurmountable constraints present on the site which would make the development of a traveller site unsuitable'.

The other potential site is on land adjacent to Tarporley Road, Tarvin, approximately opposite the junction with Hockenhull Avenue. In the consultation, it is referred to as 'Holding No. 10'. This site is designated 'Amber', which is defined as 'site considered to be suitable subject to further investigation or the introduction of mitigation measures'.

Note that at this stage that the Tarporley Road site is one of several under consideration and no decision has yet been taken as to which of the sites, if any, will be progressed. The consultation document is reproduced above and the relevant section starts on page 131.

The Parish Council has considered the matter in detail at two open council meetings and has concluded that the site is wholly inappropriate for a development of this nature. The council's response to CWaC's consultation is reproduced above and residents may want to use it as a reference point should they wish to make individual responses to the document.

There are several ways by which residents can make a response:

1: Access the CWaC website, register and respond directly to questions 60 and 61:
CWaC consultation website link

2: In writing or by e-mail to our two district councillors:

Hugo Deynem:
Daisy Bank
Church Road
Ashton Hayes

John Leather:
1 Kelsborrow Way

3: In writing or by e-mail to the Spatial Planning Policy Team, Cheshire West and Chester Council, 4 Civic Way, Ellesmere Port, CH65 0BE.




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We aim to operate in an open, democratic way and to the highest standards of
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