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The Tarvin Neighbourhood Plan is currently being drafted by a Steering Group formed for that purpose.

April 2018 update: A draft of the Plan been published and is attached on the left side of the page. The Steering Group has circulated properties in the Parish with a four page summary of the proposals as the first stage of formal consultation. Two public meetings were held in February/March and feedback is being incorporated into the draft. Formal assessment followed by a parish referendum to propose approval of the Plan will follow later in 2018.

The key recommendations of the Plan are:

>> No significant housing development (defined as 6 houses or more) in the Plan area until after 2030, and then only once congestion on the A51, parking in Tarvin village centre and access to health facilities in Tarvin have all been comprehensively addressed
>> Any significant post-2030 housing development to be in Tarvin village itself, to the east of Church Street and Tarporley Road
>> Support for additional outdoor sports facilities in the village
>> Improved cycling routes between Oscroft and Tarvin
>> Key sites to be protected from development and an aspiration to extend the Community Woodland northwards to the A54.

The whole document will be subject to a statutory consultation in due course before being the subject of a Parish referendum.

At the foot of the page is the document 'Future Development and Land Use Paper Approved Sept 14' which sets out certain principles which are being used to inform the plan's development.

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