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The Tarvin Neighbourhood Plan has being drafted by a Steering Group formed for that purpose.

December 2018: A draft of the Plan been approved by the Parish Council and has been submitted to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) , Cheshire West and Chester Council. The LPA will check that the Plan complies with various criteria including that correct procedures for consultation and publicity have been followed. There will then be a further 6 weeks' publicity period.

At the end of this period the LPA will send the Plan to an independent examiner who will consider whether the Plan meets basic conditions, including that it complies with national planning policies, local planning policies and European obligations. The examiner will make recommendations to the LPA on whether the Plan can proceed to local referendum, subject, if necessary, to modifications.

Assuming the LPA regards the Plan as satisfactory, with modifications if necessary, it will arrange for a local referendum to be held. More than 50% of those voting in the referendum must vote "yes" for the Plan to be "made".

Once the Plan is made it comes into force and will be used by the LPA when deciding planning applications.
All being well the Plan could be made by Spring 2019.

See alongside for the submitted Draft and representations submitted by stakeholders to the initial consultation exercise.

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